The Burwood Inn – Merewether

Despite my love of turkey and ham, there comes a time during the hedonism and sloth of Boxing Day, and planning what goodies I’ll be eating in the New Year, that my mind turns to the need for a decent piece of beef. This often takes the form of a simple T bone on the barbie with some salad. However this year the food techy and I were invited to join my brother and his family for a quick meal at The Burwood Inn, Merewether.

The Burwood is one of the oldest pubs in Merewether, but has been renovated in the last few years and now hosts a great little restaurant out the back. I have eaten several times at the Burwood and the last few occasions were a little noisy. I know, I’m getting old. However, this time we ate early with the toddlers of Merewether, the noise was subdued (as most patrons were colouring in!) and were served quickly with some fantastic meals.

The menu has changed significantly since my last visit and now Steak is the order of the day. Just what I needed. The are a couple of vegetarian and fish options too, but I was in need of a dose of red meat.  The food techy and I opted for the rib eye – mine with the port jus and his with the chimichurri sauce, both served on the side (which I like in preference to my food being smothered in a sauce I may not actually enjoy). The rib eye was cooked perfectly to our requests of medium rare. The others ordered the share plates which were generous, inventive and amazing value. I was happy to get a taste of the pork gyozas and the empanadas. Both delicious.

The neices then shared the oozy chocolate pudd for dessert and ooze it did. I thought the dessert menu looked a little wintery for me, but the other patrons were happy to oblige the chef and order. Admittedly interesting icecreams were served as a side to the main pudds.

The Burwood proved a pleasant repast and change from the neverending leftovers of Christmas. A shout out to the staff too. Lovely friendly types who were attentive without being false and stifling in their service. Yep, we’ll be back – the carnivorous teenager might even join us. Make sure you check their mid week specials too. Apparently Thursday night Ribs are popular with the locals! Sorry, no photos of my own as I ate too quickly! But plenty to view on the Burwoods website. TBH xx


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