The Bowery Boys – Cooks Hill

As our parenting duties of the teenage era are coming to an end, the Food Techy and I have started to revisit the halcyon days of having a quick bite to eat at a local little restaurant. Just the two of us and often eating early,  as we do (and I make no apology here), like to get home in time for a cup of tea!

Last Saturday, as we dropped the 18 year old off to yet another party ( I swear he is more popular than a “gossip columned Sydney socialite”), we decided to chance an unreserved table at The Bowery Boys in Cooks Hill. I had been reading about these boys and seen their delectable dishes on Instagram, however the main draw card was the Food Techy’s love of smoked and cured food….and thats just what The Bowery Boys serve up. We got one of the last three tables for 2 and were welcomed by a delightful young man who promptly explained the shared plate arrangements and specials, both food and wine.

In recent months Newcastle (and the Hunter for that matter) has seen an explosion of good quality, fascinatinq and quirky, city and surburban eateries spring up. The shared plate menus are everywhere and I have to say, usually of good quality and value, and generous in their portions. The Bowery Boys seem to take it a step further with honest food and flavours to match.  The food was simply delicious and went well with a little Spanish Red wine that was recommended.

We ate Fried Tofu with Pickled Cucumber and a morish dish of Cured Tuna with Pickled Mushrooms for starters.






This was followed by the special of the night, Smoked Duck with Apple and a Cucumber Relish with accompanying Roast Carrots with Grilled Haloumi and a Brussel Sprout Slaw with Smoked Bacon crumbs. All fabulous in flavour and simplicity.

BB 1




However the dish of the night belonged to the a whole Smoked Rainbow Trout, again served simply with some pieces of pickled capsicum peppers. A melt in the mouth dish, that was expertly skinned and boned by the Food Techy at the table, so as to extract every little morsel of fish onto our plates! We enjoyed the Trout so much, that I forgot to take a photo!

This food may not be to everyone’s liking….but if you would like to get away from the plates of “Arancini balls” and “Fries with Aioli” currently swarming the shared plates of Newcastle, then give the Bowery Boys a try. Many of their ingredients come from their farm on the Liverpool plains, and they do all their own smoking on site. The dishes are beautifully presented and come swiftly from the kitchen. The service was friendly, helpful and attentive, with no pretention to be seen! We’ll be back to try the smoked pork belly if it remains on their new Spring menu. Eat early to get a table, or book if four of more people. Also check out their long lunch specials. Apparently the cocktails are a hit, but I’ll save them for a time with one of the girls…..

Enjoy! TBH xx

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