Sourdough Baking with Camilla (Duchess of Newy)

Camilla has arrived in my home and is the name I have bestowed upon my sourdough starter generously offered by Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. I have named her after the Duchess of Cornwall in a nod to a resilient women who rose again to get her man! Camilla has also come from good breeding stock (Priscilla) – important for securing the lineage of the aristocrats! I’m hoping my Camilla will keep rising with resilience too.

I have decided that baking sourdough bread is much like raising children, the difference being you get instructions from the wonderful Celia for your bread raising! Where was Celia when the human baby was born and raised? I could have done with written instructions and twitter encouragement then too! Constant photos of bubbling starter were sent back and forth….is this right Celia? is she bubbling enough?, have I added enough flour? I wonder if Celia would have been quite so captivated by my photos if they were of pooey nappies, strange rashes and growth charts? I have to say, Camilla was far easier to feed on flour and water, and I didn’t end up with cracked nipples!

Camilla at 6.30am doin’ her thang!

So after feeding Camilla all weekend and feeling like a new mother with scheduled feeding times, Camilla was rearing to go and bubbling with excitement (literally) by Sunday morning. Thanks once again to Celia who provided excellent instructions and tutorials on her blog to get you “started with your starter”. The result was two incredible and delicious loaves of sourdough. The food techy (an expert in the art of bread making) has given them 2 thumbs up and a review of great texture, good crumb and a decent bloody crust. The smell emanating around the house is one of homeliness and warmth.


Inaugural Camilla loaf


Camilla’s second loaf

I am now addicted to the art of sourdough baking and thankfully so, as I still have 11 kgs of bakers flour to use!

So here’s to you Celia, Priscilla and Camilla. May we find world peace by not only breaking bread together, but baking bread together. TBH xxx (feeling even more Bountiful after devouring half a loaf of bread in record time).

TBH announces the arrival of……Baby of Priscilla the sourdough starter

It is with great delight that I announce that I have became the proud foster parent of “baby of Priscilla” the sourdough starter. Thank you so very much to Celia of Fig Lime Cordial blog, I feel truly honoured to be included in Priscilla’s life and all her offspring! I will do my very best to assure her line of ancestry is keep alive and well in the Hunter.


I have however been given the task of naming this little offspring of Priscilla and would ask any readers for their suggestions. Being someone that enjoys a good limerick, a rhyming name would be splendid! So something to go along with Priscilla, or perhaps starter, even sourdough? That is your quest if you choose to participate!

So this weekend I will be happily ensconced in feeding my new baby and then seeing what she can do with some good bakers flour! Stay tuned! TBH XX

PS: Please take the time to visit Celia’s blog. She has been “at it” for several years and has wonderul recipes and stories to tell. She is indeed the epitome of generosity!