BBQ Pork with Asian Greens

Sincere apologies to my loyal TBH followers for my non posting recently. My new job in Aboriginal Health (which I’m loving) has kept me busy in recent months, culminating in a wonderful, hectic and chaotic NAIDOC week at the beginning of July. During these busy times, I take to cooking really simple meals for the family to complement the wonderful curries that the Food Techy cooks up for me and the hungry 18 year old on the weekends.   I thought I would share one of my family’s favourite meals, that also happens to be one of the quickest things I can cook, and therefore gets relegated to Friday nights. Like most busy families, Fridays signal the end of a week full of juggling commitments and are often the excuse required for takeaway. Our takeaways are usually based around the Asian food influences with the occasional pizza thrown in. If I dont feel like going out for takeaway, then I’ll cook this dish with the knowledge that I have most of the ingredients in the cupboard and freezer, and it takes 20 minutes to get to the table.

Now a word about BBQ pork. You can choose to make your own using the plethora of recipes around, but I couldn’t be bothered! I have tried on several occasions, but have never managed to quite obtain that wonderful ruby coloured , charred sweetness found at Asian restaurants. Instead I head to my local food hall in a shopping centre where, you invariably find a takeaway noodle place with rows of BBQ pork, ducks and chickens hanging on hooks at the front of the counter. I order two pieces of pork, have it chopped and placed in two containers. At $18 kg, it works out to be cheaper than buying your own pork fillet and cooking yourself. The other tip is that this cooked meat can be frozen and defrosted for use in all sorts of dishes including soups and noodles. Hence why I buy two lots!

BBQ Pork

A word about cooking rice. Unlike many of my friends, I cant cook rice. I have tried all methods including stove top absorption and microwave, but just end up with “glug”. I have been using a rice cooker (again a nod to the many Asian restaurants who also use them) for as long as I can remember and it makes the best rice in terms of flavour and texture. All rices can be cooked in it and it can be kept warm on a setting for several hours for parties etc. My current rice cooker cost $29 at K-Mart and has been with us for at least 10 years. A worthy investment indeed but equally cheap to replace if the need arises!

And lastly a word about the Asian greens. I use baby buk choy, gai larn and plain broccoli in this dish, but basically you can use what ever greens you want. It is the sauce that draws this dish together. The greens (apart from being good for us!) are a carrier for the sauce. It is delicious and I use it regularly.


Asian Greens

So here’s the recipe….. simple and quick for those nights when you need a tasty meal without all the palava!

Thanks for staying with me, I hope to be able to post a little more regularly again! Enjoy TBHxx