If I had to choose a religion, then food would be my chosen place of worship. Food sustains me, comforts me, reminds me, challenges me and is a constant source of wonderment and intrigue. I will travel for food, bargain for food, search for food, and ultimately share my food as the greatest gift I can give. However food is just that….its food. Something that I think about everyday but dont feel the need to indulge in the pretentiousness that has taken hold.

Hi, my name is Donna and this is just a little blog to be shared amongst friends. I have been encouraged to write about food for several years now, and I owe the final push to my dearest of friends Fiona. She and I have shared some memorable and delicious meals together,  and are non apologetic in our obsession to seek out good food and the latest sensations before they become tres chic and gourmet du jour!

I live in Newcastle and am privileged to have access to one of the  finest farmers markets in NSW. Nothing pleases me more than a pleasant Sunday morning spent strolling amongst the stalls and chatting to local producers, then coming home with my trolley full of delectable delights to share with the food techy. That being said, I am also an avid supermarket shopper and pride myself on getting the best bargains to be found on the “reduced trolley”.

So a brief word about the food techy. I live with him and have done so for 26 years. He shares my desire for a good life that includes great food and wine to be shared with friends. That could mean a barbequed sausage on a fresh bread roll with a cold beer, or an extravagant meal at an exclusive restaurant…..the common denominator is that we are together and are with some wonderful friends to share the experience. That’s what counts. He also happens to be a food technologist with a fantastic mind for food and its science. He has been called upon to answer those tricky questions of recipe formulas, ingredient exchanges and just plain why is it so questions. So I will call on him from time to time to assist with anything too scientific that requires further explanation.

Thank you for dropping by. I hope you will enjoy this little journey with me and also share your thoughts and recipes! Food is what brings us together and is central to our cultures….so lets share!

5 thoughts on “About

    • Hey Avi! Welcome to my blog! Thank you for visiting, you are my first “commenter” and I couldnt be happier than giving you that privilege! Italian tea bread? Is that the almond bread? Its always a winner. I’ll make sure it gets a guernsey here too. Dx


  1. Hi Donna! How lovely to meet you via our blogs. You write beautifully and having read quite a few of your posts, I feel that we have a similar ethos when it comes to food. I love that you have food techy – I have hungry but discerning teen! Looking forward to reading more of your work.


    • Thank you so much! High praise indeed and very much appreciated! I would welcome your critique in any form you could spare as I commence on this little journey. I also look forward to reading your posts. I too have a teenage male, more constantly starving than hungry! Again thank you for your kind comments. Donna


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