The Recess Cupcake…marking milestones and creating memories.

Today has been just a tad emotional for me. My son Liam left school today and after 13 years, it seems surreal that this part of his life is all of a sudden over. I attended the final school assembly for year 12 and being a natural “sobber”, started tearing up as the first words of farewell left the school captains mouth. I kept saying to myself, am I at the right presentation day? Surely he is still in primary school? Wasn’t I just helping him with the prototype “fax television for the visually impaired complete with braile print out” assignment in Year 8. But alas as I looked over to him and saw the wonderful young man he has become, resplendent with his “Grizzly Adams beard” , I knew it was  me that also needed to say goodbye. To say goodbye to the little boy who happily attended his first day at school, to say goodbye to Saturday morning soccer games and sausage sizzles, to say goodbye to birthday parties with lolly bags, to say goodbye to canteen rosters and sports days, to say goodbye to eagerly awaited school holidays, to say goodbye to ironing school shirts and shorts, to say goodbye to carefree days of changing friendships, hormonal surges and awkward growth spurts. My boy was at last a man……

photo (2)       IMG_6117 - Copy

And yet as I sit here and blubber my way through this piece there has been a constant in his life. One that was there at the start and again here today. Recess cupcakes! Those morsels of dense vanillary goodness, topped with melted white choc and the compulsory sprinkles (even in Year 12). I suddenly realised I have been making cupcakes for the last 13 years for play lunch, little lunch and recess. I have been making them before they become the cake de jour. I have been making them since cupcake companies and dedicated market stalls have popped up in our lives. They have always graced the lunch box and have also made appearances at birthday parties, P and C events, and sporting carnivals. They are Liam’s preferred lunch box treat and I dare say will follow him into adulthood…. nothing could please me further.


The recipe is such that a batch can easily be whipped up on a Sunday night and make a decent amount, depending on your preferred size of cupcake. As Liam has grown, I have taken to making larger muffin size cakes for his ever increasing appetite. The recipe is a “bung it all in” type and mix for 4 mins. That’s it. So easy.

So as an ode to the completion of 13 years of fine public education schooling….I happily share my favourite cupcake recipe with you. May many others share their school memories whilst eating one of these at recess!

Enjoy …..Proud TBH xx

6 thoughts on “The Recess Cupcake…marking milestones and creating memories.

    • Thanks Wylie. I’ve been a sook most of the day as the reality of the change to our lives is sinking in. The beard is classic, and looks totally out of place when matched with the school uniform….Dx


  1. What a lovely post! You might be saying goodbye, but rest assured you will be greeting, celebrating and enjoying the company of an adult who you can communicate with on a whole different level. You will see the rewards of all your input and it will warm your heart no end. My ‘baby’ turned 26 last week and I still get all misty eyed when I look at him and wonder how he got there. I’m an absolute mess when all 3 kids are home together and we sit around the table. I love it and celebrate every second I get of it.

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    • I couldn’t agree more with you! I’ve absolutely loved all the milestones along the way and watching him mature into a lovely young man. And yes love hearing his opinions on things now as a young adult and discussing life’s problems with him…..special times. Thanks for your comment, very reassuring. Dx

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  2. Hi Donna, this is a great post. Having just seen Joe off to his second year at uni on Thursday, there are so many milestones still to come and celebrate, They re just different , and tend to involve donations of cash rather than cake!

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