TBH announces the arrival of……Baby of Priscilla the sourdough starter

It is with great delight that I announce that I have became the proud foster parent of “baby of Priscilla” the sourdough starter. Thank you so very much to Celia of Fig Lime Cordial blog, I feel truly honoured to be included in Priscilla’s life and all her offspring! I will do my very best to assure her line of ancestry is keep alive and well in the Hunter.


I have however been given the task of naming this little offspring of Priscilla and would ask any readers for their suggestions. Being someone that enjoys a good limerick, a rhyming name would be splendid! So something to go along with Priscilla, or perhaps starter, even sourdough? That is your quest if you choose to participate!

So this weekend I will be happily ensconced in feeding my new baby and then seeing what she can do with some good bakers flour! Stay tuned! TBH XX

PS: Please take the time to visit Celia’s blog. She has been “at it” for several years and has wonderul recipes and stories to tell. She is indeed the epitome of generosity!

I would love to hear from you and share ideas.....

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