2015 – May Food Unite Us.

I was fortunate enough to recieve a wonderful cookbook from the food techy this year, Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. What is most remarkable about this book is not the beautiful recipes and captivating photos, but the fact that it is written by two men who grew up in different parts of Jerusalem (one in the Muslim east and the other in the Jewish west) and through their love of food and in particular their quest for perfect hummus, have overcome the differences their historic city is experiencing to become friends and business partners.

It takes a giant leap of faith, but we are happy to take it – what have we got to lose? To imagine that hummus will eventually bring Jerusalemites together, if nothing else will.

I often sense that food could be the answer to the world’s conflicts. Food is always provided at celebrations and the milestones of life. Even today, I attended a moving funeral of an elderly man, and although the attendees were all from differing spiritual backgrounds we came together at the end of the service to further celebrate this gentleman’s life, over a cup of tea and those morish little triangle sandwiches that only church ladies can make!

Food is so important in our everyday lives. Its why mothers want to feed us when we are sick, why friends want to bring soup and lasagne when the new baby is born, why we splash out on the extravangant meal for the ‘0’ birthdays, why we like those little indulgences on holidays and why we remember the meals we ate on that overseas trip but not necessarily the name of the town.

So for 2015 I plan on eating well, but also sharing the food I make with those I love and those I dont know, in the hope that food will give us all some common ground and lessen our confilcts with each other. A giant leap of faith? Perhaps, but one I’d like to take. I hope you will all join me.

Peace, love, harmony and good food be yours for the coming year and beyond.

Happy New Year TBH XXX

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